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Hanazawa originally became a child actress at the age of 8. Amongst other roles she stared in the well-known TV school show Appare Sanma Daisensei (やっぱりさんま大先生) and the TV series Gakko no Sensei (ガッコの先生). At that time she was contracted to Big Apple and later to Five Eight (ファイブ☆エイト) and Smile Monkey (スマイルモンキー). In 2006 she was selected for a major role in TV Tokyo's anime mecha series Zegapain. She was playing the main character's childhood friend, Kaminagi Ryouko, and her performance was one of the main reasons for the character's popularity amongst fans. It was afterwards that she came under contract at prestigious voice acting talent agency Office Osawa in 2007.Most of her roles are that of young girls. Though in Potemayo, she played the main character, a small, cute creature. She received the role mainly because Ogataya Haruka, the creator of the original manga, was a big supporter of hers at auditions for the anime's cast, saying her version of Potemayo's sounds was just right for the character. Following Potemayo, she had twice a leading role in Hal Film Maker productions.Hanazawa shares a trait with many of the characters she voices, as she is usually shy of strangers and has problems in the beginning of interviews and radio shows. She likes taking baths and her special skills are mimicry, magic and storytelling. Hanazawa has a four years younger brother. In April, 2007 she started to attend university in addition to her usual work as voice actress. - Informacion ofrecida de

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Pelicula Kana Hanazawa
Pelicula Kana Hanazawa
Pelicula Kana Hanazawa
Pelicula Kana Hanazawa

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